Anne Hathaway: ‘Jersey Shore’ Fan

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The always-compelling Anne Hathaway is lovely in lace in the new issue of Interview, and in the accompanying Q&A with Chelsea Handler, Anne reveals the television show she relates to the most. Jersey Shore.

Anne went to high school in New Jersey, and says that she relates deeply to the sense of Garden State pride and camaraderie on the show.

“When I saw Snooki, I saw my twin,” Anne says. “I couldn’t lose myself in the show anymore because there I was… That being said, I think JWoww is amazing. I love JWoww. She’s intense. See, JWoww to me is proper Jersey because she will scrap for a friend.”

“When I first saw the show, I thought, Wow, they are having a very different experience there than my experience in Cape May. I thought the first season of the show was awesome because it was authentic, but I don’t watch it any more because now they know that there’s a camera there. The Situation is totally self-aware. He’s referring to himself as The Situation non-stop. In the episode I saw, his car got towed, and he was like, ‘We’ve got a situation here, and The Situation is the situation.’”

Can you picture an orange Anne with a Bump-It?

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