Anna Paquin Lets Her Husband Chew Boobs

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That penguin is so gonna get its boobs bitten.

True Blood just started up again and I’m full of questions. SPOILER ALERT: Why is Tommy living with Hoyt’s mom? What’s the show’s budget for false eyelashes? Why does Eric always wear those terrible, sharp-lapelled jackets? If the people from Hotshot can turn normal humans into panthers, then why inbreed? One question that weighs heavily on fans’ minds, however, has been answered: does Anna Paquin let husband Stephen Moyer bite the breasts of female fans? Yes. Unequivocally yes. Moyer tells Men’s Health:

“I get to sign boobs a lot. I get to bite boobs occasionally, when I’m allowed. If my missus is there and she approves of the person I get to bite boobs – and necks.”

If she “approves”? What, does Anna have a list of criteria? “Real boobs, check. Smells decent, check. Prefers Eric to Alcide, check. Has read Ulysses, check. You’re good. Here’s a moist towelette.”

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