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Anna Kendrick is a Lady in Red on the Cover of Boston Common (Photo Gallery)

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Anna Kendrick in Boston Common

Anna Kendrick is a red siren on the summer issue of Boston Common. The “Twilight” star rocks a red Dior frock and a stunning champagne dress that offset her gorgeous locks. The star opened up to the magazine about how she feels about her celebrity status in the accompanying interview.

“I still find it all rather scary,” she admitted. “I still get sweaty and super-nervous before I walk the red carpetÉ I remember when I first came to Los Angeles, I was shocked at the open ambition and complete lack of humility. Bragging about what you had, what you had done, and what you hoped to do — I thought it was such a strange phenomenon. Those are things you keep to yourself.”

Humility is a great thing that Kendrick has managed to keep up despite her knack at landing excellent roles. Check out the rest of her Boston Common editorial below.

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