Angelina Jolie Wins Stanley Kramer Award at Producers Guild Awards

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Angelina Jolie at the Producers Guild Awards

The accolades continue rolling in for Angelina Jolie and her feature directorial debut, “In the Land of Blood and Honey”; most recently, Jolie won a Stanley Kramer Award at the 23rd Annual Producers Guild Awards.

“The cast is from all sides of the conflict, and they crossed the religious and cultural divide to come together to make this film,” said Jolie in her acceptance speech. “It took great bravery. This belongs to them. This is their story, their film.”

The Stanley Kramer Award recognizes individuals, producers or motion pictures that draw attention to social issues in “an accessible and elevating fashion.” Other productions that won awards at the Producers Guild Awards include “The Adventures of Tintin,” “The Artist” and “Boardwalk Empire.”