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Amy Adams and Henry Cavill Cover Interview Magazine (Photo Gallery)

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interview magazine man of steel

Amy Adams and Henry Cavill grace the cover of Interview magazine. The June/July issue highlights the upcoming “Man of Steel” movie and talks to its stars about what it’s like to play the famed characters of Lois Lane and Clark Kent.

“What I like about Lois and Clark, too—and what I think we’ve preserved—is that there is this sort of throwback, gal Friday feel to her, that she exists in a man’s world and she’s still extremely feminine,” Adams said of her role.

Cavill, who plays Superman himself, says he took the time to really understand his character before filming began.

“In this film, the world is not just accepting the fact that this being exists, so, as an actor, the question of how that made him feel was very important,” he said. “How the character felt about the world around him, knowing that he was different from a very young age, was interesting to me, because people aren’t necessarily very good to him in this film. There are some good people in his journey, but generally, it’s people just taking advantage of the fact that he’s a head-down, quiet kind of chap, even though he’s quite big.”

Check out more shots of Adams and Cavill in the photo gallery below.

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