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‘American Horror Story’ Returns

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Jessica Lange

You probably won’t want to be alone when “American Horror Story” returns on October 17. The brilliant Jessica Lange is back, but this time she’ll be playing the part of sadistic nun Sister Jude as the series relocates to Briarcliff, Massachusetts. The new season will take place at a mental institution, or “Asylum,” as the new season title reflects.

As if an asylum isn’t a frightening enough concept, co-creator Ryan Murphy decided to throw in aliens, Nazis and a serial killer into the mix as well. As Murphy explained, “I don’t think people tune in to the show because they want “My Dinner With Andre.” I think they want to be scared. I’m just writing what I would like to see. I’m scared of aliens and I’m scared of Nazis and I’m scared of nuns. So it’s the perfect stew of horror and fear.”

Also returning to the series is Zachary Quinto, who will be joined by newbies Adam Levine and Chloe Sevigny. Will you be watching?