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Amanda Seyfried Gets Royal Treatment in Vanity Fair (Photo Gallery)

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Amanda Seyfried in Vanity Fair

Amanda Seyfried looks lovely in a deluxe photo editorial for Vanity Fair. The actress has a lot to promote with several upcoming film projects in the works.

The actress had nothing but glowing praise for her costar in the upcoming film “Les Misérables,” Hugh Jackman. She exclaimed, “There is nothing bad to say about Hugh. He isn’t human. I bet you anything he’s got some kind of superhuman capabilities, beyond just being just the kindest, gentlest soul I’ve come across.” She then added their common penchant for warped humor. “We sexualized everything as much as we could. It was really funny, the moments we could find… It’s like every movie has another version, another satirical version of itself.”

Seyfried also went on to praise England and their male citizens. She referred to the London transit system’s electronic ticketing system as, “the most genius thing in the world.” As for English men, she claimed, “A lot of English guys have a metabolism like you. Dominic, for instance,” meaning her ex-boyfriend, actor Dominic Cooper. “Eight-pack. Doesn’t do anything.”

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