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Amanda Seyfried Prefers Popsicles for Racy Scenes

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Amanda Seyfried in 'Lovelace'

Amanda Seyfried might be playing a porn star in an upcoming biopic about Linda Lovelace, but that doesn’t mean she’s going to go method for the role.

Instead, Seyfried found herself using a popsicle as a stand-in for male genitalia in the film. As the actress herself explains, “We were doing a sex scene where I was supposed to be going down on Peter Sarsgaard. We used a popsicle, and I had my arms covering the popsicle. It was footage that he was going to show the “Deep Throat” guy, to get her into the movie, to get her cast. I was laughing hysterically throughout. I couldn’t stop laughing.”

The “Mean Girls” actress has learned a thing or two from her time in Hollywood. She admitted to Vanity Fair that being in the industry for so long has changed her view of things. “Back then I thought every movie that was made found an audience and things were all stars and butterflies, before I developed a relationship with this world.”

Lovelace” is set to open in 2013.

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