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Amanda Seyfried Covers InStyle (Photo Gallery)

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Amanda Seyfried in InStyle

Amanda Seyfried landed on the cover of InStyle magazine’s January 2013 issue. Inside, the actress opened up about “sexiest man alive” Channing Tatum and dealing with obsessive compulsive disorder.

Yes, she’s worked with the ultra-sexy Tatum and has this to say about the experience: “Channing was amazing. He’s a superstar. Everybody wants to have sex with him. And the only person he wants to have sex with is his wife, Jenna [Dewan]. He’s the most loyal husband.”

Dating actors isn’t unfamiliar territory to Seyfried. “The thing is, I can’t date anybody without it being portrayed as a serious relationship in the tabloids. It sucks! Like Josh Hartnett and I were friends; we hung out, we dated. I don’t actually have sex with every male I come into contact with… I’m just more attracted to actors. I like their choice to be artists — that’s ballsy. And a guy who has such access to his emotional life is sexy. Or maybe because lots of the actors I know are so broken. I don’t think I’m compatible with anybody I’ve dated. Maybe I’m so attracted to actors because I’m not ready for the “settled down” thing yet.”

The actress also opened up about OCD. “I’m too measured and controlling — about everything. That’s why I take Lexapro. It’s for OCD. I don’t feel like I’m struggling with it. I think OCD is a part of me that protects me. it’s also the part of me that I use in my job, in a positive way.”

Read more in the latest issue of InStyle.

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