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Alec Baldwin Says the Paparazzi Are ‘Ruining’ His Life

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Alec Baldwin is not a fan of the paparazzi. The outspoken actor, who allegedly punched a photographer earlier this week, told E! News that the so-called “illegitimate press” are ruining his life.

“When people do this stuff, they come and to do this legitimate press, do an event,” he explained. “One thing I don’t think people understand is that I’m obligated to promote movies like this. I have to go do press for these movies, and people I work for demand that you do them, so you set up these arrangements, screenings, to talk to the press and it’s very formal and kind scheduled and everybody knows what’s going on and I come with my fiancee and she wears a beautiful dress and you try to get it done.”

That’s not the problem, says Baldwin. It’s what happens afterward that’s troublesome. “And then you go home and then there’s other people that schedule an appointment with you that you didn’t know about — it’s a different part of the press, what I would call for illegitimate press,” he continued. “They have made an appointment for me that I wasn’t aware of. They come jumping out of the bushes to remind me about it. And that creates a problem, I think. It’s a very stressful thing. For me, it’s ruining the lives of my wife-to-be — and what if I had a kid?”

Do you think Alec Baldwin’s dressing-down of the paparazzi is dead on or an overreaction?