Alec Baldwin Kicked Off American Airlines Flight

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zynga let alec play

Alec Baldwin was kicked off an American Airlines flight yesterday after the actor wouldn’t stop playing Words With Friends. After shutting the cabin door, flight attendants reportedly asked Baldwin to turn off his phone.

Baldwin then went to the bathroom, and that’s where the accounts of passengers and those close to Baldwin differ. Eyewitnesses say he slammed the bathroom door shut, while Baldwin’s camp maintains that he merely stood up to find out the name of the flight attendant. Either way, the captain got involved at that point and had him removed from the plane.

Zynga, the company who makes Words With Friends, responded quickly after news broke of Alec Baldwin getting kicked off the American Airlines flight. Dani Dudeck of Zynga tweeted the image on the left in support. The graphic proclaims in Scrabble-like fashion, “Let Alec Play. Zynga.”

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