Adam Lambert Issue of The Advocate Sparks a Global Magazine Shortage

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adam lambert issue of the advocate

Copies of the Adam Lambert issue of The Advocate are being purchased on the black market for $20 apiece. Since the magazine is subscription-only, devout Glamberts are finding innovative ways to get their hands on a copy of the November 2011 edition.

Gawker‘s Brian Moylan spotted the sign to the left. After calling the number on the flyer, he briefly spoke with a cousin of someone in the Adam Lambert fan club. His cousin was apparently trying to purchase as many copies of the magazine as possible to mail to members of the club.

Jeremy Kinser, an editor at The Advocate, admitted that the Adam Lambert issue was so popular that the magazine had run out of copies. “We actually ran a contest through our Twitter and Facebook for Adam Lambert fans to win a copy of the issue,” he wrote in an email to Moylan. “We received so many phone calls of people looking for the issue and sold out of all of our overrun copies.”

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