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A Must See Pre-Teen Ryan Gosling Interview

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Ryan Gosling on 'Canada AM'

Let’s face it. Ryan Gosling is cooler than most of us will ever be. This is true even when we go back in time to see what a 12-year-old Gosling was like.

The talented actor had just landed a regular role on the classic Disney program, the “Mickey Mouse Club.” This made him big news in his town and landed him on the local show, “Canada AM.”

When Gosling found out he had gotten the job, he said that he and his mother, “hit the roof.” He went on to say, “My mother and I were jumping around.”

He also added, “The people at Disney are so nice, like we just came from our houses where we had to do our own stuff and they did so much stuff for us.”

Check out the interview below.

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