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Eyes Wide Shut: This Celeb Loves Cashing-In on her Personal LIfe

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1. This celebrity had plans to televise an upcoming event in her life, but is relieved that the plans fell through — mostly because she wasn’t going to make any money from the broadcast. If she could ink a deal to profit from televising the event, she certainly would because she doesn’t have a problem sharing her private life with the world. (Naughty But Nice Rob via Blind Gossip)
2. He’s an A-list celebrity whose hair has been making headlines. But it’s his breath that people should be concentrating on. It turns out this leading man has stinky breath, but that doesn’t seem to bother his new young girlfriend. (Naughty But Nice Rob via Blind Gossip)
3. This superstar was secretly in the hospital earlier this week because of a drug overdose. She and her people kept the entire situation very hush-hush and only health professionals were allowed to get close to her. (Media Takeout via Blind Gossip)

My Guesses:
1. Kim Kardashian and giving birth to her baby
2. Bradley Cooper
3. Rihanna

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