8 Great Last Minute Celebrity Costume Ideas for Halloween!

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by Elizabeth Mitchell

So you didn’t exactly get around to sewing your own Nicki Minaj Halloween costume this year, so what? You’ve still got time to craft a pretty impressive celebrity ensemble that will look as though you’ve been planning it for months.

Trick (or treat) your friends as a pre-recovery Charlie Sheen, or grab a pillow and go as a pregnant Beyonce. Just please don’t dress as Lady Gaga for a third consecutive year, those shoes will kill you later in the night.

Check out these pics for eight quick and easy celebrity costume ideas you can throw together last minute.

1. Kate Middleton & Prince William: There’s no reason you shouldn’t take full advantage of the benefits of being the royal couple for Halloween. Hire your own bodyguards (i.e. your unpaid interns) and demand free entry to the best parties in town. Tell the bartender your tab will be taken care of by Queen Elizabeth and ask if he knows who you are. Drink of choice: anything with gin. Potential downfall to avoid? Fake British accent. All Prince William will need for this costume is a suit and Kate a fancy dress, a blue cocktail ring, high heels and a crazy hat if she has one. Easy enough, huh?

2. Ke$ha: This one’s a piece of cake. First you wake up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy. Then you pile on a ton of glitter, accessories, tease your hair out and slip into a pair of combat boots, a rocker tee and some denim cutoffs (hey, you’re about to hit this city). But before you leave, brush your teeth with a bottle of Jack, cause when you leave for the night…yeah, you get the gist.

3. Charlie Sheen: First things first, round up a few goddesses (you’re going to want to look the part and we guarantee a few of your girl friends don’t have costumes yet either). Stick a few cigarettes in your mouth, or nose and ears, and throw on a fedora and some shades. Then write “Duh, Winning” on a t-shirt to complete your look. *Optional, carry around a bottle of tiger blood (AKA V8 Juice) or just drink Bloody Mary’s all night.

4. Snooki & Deena: You and your bestie have two options for this couples costume—you can either dress up as meatballs or go as guidettes. Considering every girl probably has a leopard print or body con dress stashed away in her closet, the guidette option might be a safer route. Give your hair a big volume boost, put on some fake lashes (and loads of makeup) and don’t forget to get a spray tan before you head out!!! Bonus points if you fist pump all night and fall down a lot at whatever party you attend. [More bonus points if your other bestie dresses/undresses as Regis Philbin]

5. DJ Pauly D: A fresh outfit, fresh haircut and fresh tan are the essential ingredients of any good DJ Pauly D.  Halloween costume. Don a black wife beater, some headphones (the large kind) and carry around a grenade whistle to blow at friends all night. Try to convince the DJ to let you spin a few songs if you can.

6. Pregnant Beyonce: A flowy orange dress, dangle earrings, and a noticeable baby bump are all you need to achieve this look. Style your hair in a low side pony and make your guy go as Jay-Z for extra emphasis. Kanye can tag along too if you have a third person in need of a costume.

7. Kobe Bryant: What LA guy doesn’t have a Lakers jersey laying around? If you’re in a pinch for time Kobe is an easy go-to costume. Accessorize with a trophy, yellow or purple sweatband and a basketball if you feel like it. Add a championship ring (AKA borrow a ring from your girlfriend) to let people know you’re the man.

8. The Kardashians: If you and your entire crew have no idea what to be for Halloween, make it a family affair and dress up as the Kardashians. Boyfriends can go as Scott Disick, Lamar Odom (another Lakers jersey?) and Kris Humphries, and if you’ve got some extra gal pals they can be Kylie (swimwear) and Kendall (or Khloe’s BFF Malika). Kim and Kourtney should wear big buns on top of their heads and every girl should dress in animal print, no exceptions. Scott must have a cane with him at all times too.