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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Michelle Obama

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Michelle Obama at the 2012 DNC

In an US Weekly exclusive, First Lady Michelle Obama shared five little-known facts about herself.

Not only is the 48-year-old mother of two President Obama‘s best friend and partner of nearly 15 years, but she’s also an avid sports fan and a softy when it comes to the family dog Bo. “Sometimes I let our Portuguese Water Dog, Bo, sleep in our bed when Barack is gone.”

She is understandably a big proponent of everyone’s right and responsibility to make their voice heard by voting. In fact, one of her favorite things about being in politics is not only meeting new people, but also being able to try out specialties from around the country, including fried Twinkies in Iowa. She might have taken on childhood obesity as her passion plea, but she also believes in happy moderation.

Last but not least, the First Lady is so intelligent that she was actually able to skip the second grade. No wonder why President Obama considers her his “most important adviser.”

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