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5 Reasons We Are Always Willing to ‘Die Hard’ [infographic]

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Die Hard infographic

The “Die Hard‘ film series is one that action-flick fans just can’t get enough of. But, according to the below infographic, there are very specific reasons why we have never tired of John McClane‘s antics. There are, of course, the obvious reasons — Bruce Willis and lots of explosions. What you might not have noticed is that the movie rakes in so much cash because of a few simple plot must-haves that every ‘Die Hard’ film is known for.

First, American’s love to root for the underdog. John McClane started off as any other NYPD officer, but always manages to save the day. The second reason why the “Die Hard” movies do so well is because Americans hate terrorism and there is always a number of terrorists killed in each of the movies. Many of those terrorists are killed in the movies by guns, another love of Americans. And since McClane seems to have a nice collection of guns, it constantly keeps viewers watching.

People can also relate to Willis’ character McClane — he is divorced, he doesn’t like to follow rules and he seems to have a bit of a hygiene problem. Lastly, according to the infographic, we can’t get enough of the “Die Hard’ series because we just love McClane’s white undershirt. In every movie, it starts off crisp and clean, but by the end it is dirty and full of holes (who knew an unwashed wardrobe could sell so many movies?).

Check out the infographic below.¬†And don’t forget, the fifth “Die Hard” instalment “A Good Way to Die Hard” is out in theatres today!


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