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2012 Rule Breakers According to The Hollywood Reporter (Photo Gallery)

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Steven Spielberg and Daniel Day-Lewis in The Hollywood Reporter

The Hollywood Reporter has released four different covers for their special issue celebrating 2012′s rule breakers. On the covers are Steven Spielberg, Daniel Day-Lewis, Oprah Winfrey, Kathryn Bigelow, Mark Boal and Psy.

Spielberg has always been a rule breaker and it’s obviously served him well. He spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about his admiration for another rule breaker, President Lincoln. “I aspire to certain things about him that I could do a better job of in my life — like his infinite patience. Taking the days, months and years to [abolish slavery] took an incredible amount of confidence in himself. He was opposed every step along the road — and had the Emancipation Proclamation written and in a top drawer, waiting for the right time to announce it. That kind of measured restraint, based on the confidence of knowing the desired outcome, is something I aspire to. But I haven’t gotten there.”

Winfrey, who has experienced her first hint of failure in a long line of success, is finally seeing things turn around at her OWN network. She explained, “Part of my own expectation was, ‘You’ve had 25 years of success; people will leverage that. But we didn’t account for people not having the channel, and not knowing how to find it, and the cable audience being different from broadcast.”

Read more in the latest issue of The Hollywood Reporter.